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2022-06-15 16:16:59 By : Ms. Chen Zhao

The interview with the Creative Director Paolo Casati, and the unmissable events of the most awaited district of the Milan Design WeekDesigning the present, choosing the future: with this slogan that sounds like an exhortation, the Brera Design District has returned to animate the heart of Milan from 6 to 12 June.So he chose to decline the topic proposed by FuoriSalone 2022 entitled Between Space and Time.The historic district, which this year hosts 168 events, 314 companies and designers, 108 permanent showrooms, has growing numbers and seems to show an increasingly clear identity.The message he wants to convey for this edition is part of a very topical discourse on our way of living, physical and virtual, not only the home and public space, but the whole planet.By adding a (temporal) variable necessary to distract from ourselves a selfish gaze, it projects us forward and invites us to start from the present to give shape to an idea of ​​the future that can create a new balance between man (analogue and digital) and nature .Paolo Casati, creative director of the Brera Design District and founder of the Studiolabo agency that leads the district, tells us, in an interview, how the participants interpreted the theme, keeping track of the word sustainability and, without mentioning it (perhaps deliberately) , have expanded its meaning.“The theme of the FuoriSalone was chosen by reasoning on the urgency of thinking about our space with respect to the time we are given and we took the dimension between these two key words as a reference for our investigation.A dimension that opens up to different approaches: how much space do we dedicate to our time?Or what time do we give to our space?Intended as a family, relationship or work space.For the Brera Design District this reasoning has been declined in a more design key and that is why we have decided to work on two other words: present and future.Collecting and interpreting the needs of the present is the starting point for facing the challenges of tomorrow and design is a useful tool to face today's critical issues, to give shape to creative ideas and solutions that can bring value into our lives.If everything is planned in a coherent and conscious way, we can choose the future, if instead it is not planned, the future is indeterminate and uncertain.How do you manage to convey such important messages during Design Week?What is the secret of organizing an event in a moment so full of activity and for such a varied audience?Creating an event during these days means creating an experience that generates memory and relationship.The secret is not just to display the product, but to tell a story.This has always been the soul of the FuoriSalone.The destination of the location and the discovery of new spaces in the city is an important theme, the container sometimes becomes almost more interesting than the content.Examples are the installations in historic buildings such as Design Variations at the Circolo Filologico and Palazzo Visconti or the Baranzate Ateliers project that occupies the former printing house of the Necchi family.There are locations that are activated, remain over the years or go out, but I don't say this with nostalgia, I like this dynamism.The Brera Design District project, however, was born on a concept of experience over 365 days a year.There are 170 permanent showrooms in our circuit that become interesting places for a general public, who has the opportunity to enter and discover something about objects and the home, but also installations.The product is on stage, but the unprecedented experience you make of that place is captivating.Hermes alla Pelota, for example, always makes very scenic installations.Today we would say: it is “instagrammable”.This word is not a game, but it testifies to the interest in something on the part of a wide audience;it is a democratic filter.Earlier you were talking about the value that design can bring to our lives.Value is a beautiful word, let's broaden the perspective a little.I like to think of Design Week as a great creative laboratory, a moment in which not only something finished is exhibited, but in which it is "invented", a starting point rather than an arrival.And this seems to me to be pertinent to the theme of the future.What is the intrinsic value of the Brera Design District for you?For me, the value lies in the ability to create a very strong networking system.It lies in the relationship with the city of Milan.It is a moment of confrontation characterized by a deep alchemy based on inspiration, the ability to arrive in a place where I find many opportunities and create a system of relationships.I say Milan because many other cities, including European ones, have tried to emulate this format, but none have succeeded.An example: thinking about the location for the Momento installation, an immersive experience that thinks about the dimensions of physical and emotional time, we chose the Civic Aquarium, which recalled the idea of ​​the drop as a metaphor for the inexorability of its flow.We thus discovered that Ocean Week would take place during Design Week and a relationship was created to carry out a discourse on raising awareness of the problem of oceans and plastics.At the same time, the floating forest by Stefano Boeri Interiors for Timberland appeared at the Darsena, which broadens the discussion by combining water with green.What about the participating brands?The added value for brands lies in the challenge, never an end in itself, that the FuoriSalone poses and that forces them to think about their way of talking about themselves.In a logic where there is everything and more, the product is not enough, but additional levels of communication are needed.Today we see it on the physical, but if we talk about innovation this includes the ability to transfer the story through the digital.We are in a logic of Metaverse and NFT (Non-fungible token), it is a challenging moment.This world exists and the value lies in the ability to maintain one's brand identity by transferring it from the product to a system of values ​​and intangible relationships.To get noticed this week you have to get out of a comfort zone, raise the bar a lot and this is a great opportunity for growth.You mentioned Metaverse and NFT.In fashion this world is evolving rapidly.Does it affect this edition in any way?Metaverse and NFT are two things that run together, but they are also very different aspects of the same reality and I think the most interesting topic concerns the new relationships they can create.Influence when the Visionnaire brand explores a new approach to the product, where it becomes almost more storytelling.They do not design an armchair for the Metaverse, but they design a work, something unique, which can be sold in the logic of the Metaverse and which exploits other channels: artists and digital designers for example.As for the design, I don't know if it makes sense that the product design follows what fashion has done, that is to design something for that world and that I can buy there.I don't know if it makes sense to think of a house in the Metaverse that has the same objects that I find in physical space, or if it makes more sense to think that something else will exist.In this sense today there is a lack of imagination, the culture of the imaginary.We are chasing the present.Some design companies carry out experiments, but at the moment I would ask myself more about the NFT theme as a certification linked to the theme of originality, of the protection of authorship.Talking about the Metaverse and NFT today cannot be separated from a broader reading of this spectrum.We as FuoriSalone are attentive to this world: we are launching for the first time an award that will have an NFT and whose shape is designed by a digital artist who has created a structure born from a representation of the data of our platform.A look at the future of the district?In Brera we have the problem of too many people.We will try to bring back a more vertical logic and better distribute the flows.We will certainly work on the search for unexpected locations, projects made by companies outside the sector that are engaging.There is a project in the drawer that concerns an even wider development of FuoriSalone, at an international level, and that is not limited to the week of the Salone del Mobile Milano.The challenge is to work over time and throughout the year: capitalize on the efforts of these days by activating networking between companies throughout the year.We will continue to work on digital: to date we have transformed the site into a platform, superimposing the word FuoriSalone on digital and this has allowed us to attract a lot of attention: we go out with a magazine that is very active, with a weekly newsletter, we have a TV on the site .Thanks to Paolo.Following his tips on the hot topics of this edition, here are our highlights that 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